Posted on 06. Jul, 2011 in News

The Baillieu Government has been caught out claiming credit for Commonwealth Government housing investments, Shadow Minister for Housing Richard Wynne said today.

“In a series of press releases about allocations for new social and public housing across Victoria, Housing Minister Lovell took credit for what are overwhelmingly Commonwealth Government initiatives,” Mr Wynne said.

“This is a sorry attempt to look busy by a Minister whose lack of action over nearly eight months has achieved precious little for Victoria’s most vulnerable residents.

“Victorians are still waiting for any evidence the Baillieu Government will provide support for social and public housing tenants in Victoria.

“Many Victorian families are doing it tough and the Government needs to provide its own substantial investment in building and acquiring new housing, instead of claiming credit for Commonwealth projects.

“Unfortunately this year’s Budget shows that Ms Lovell has no intention of investing in housing.”

Mr Wynne said the Baillieu Government was setting the bar low by promising:
• The lowest target for upgrading public housing in a decade;
• The lowest target for assisting families at risk of homelessness through the Transitional Housing Management (THM) program in a decade;
• No new growth funding for building or acquiring public and social housing;
• No projected improvement in the number of families being turned away from crisis accommodation services; and
• No projected improvement in the waiting times faced by families on the Early Housing Waiting List.

“When asked in a parliamentary committee hearing how much of the joint budget for housing was actually State Government money, Ms Lovell failed to come up with an answer,” Mr Wynne said.

“The fact is Ms Lovell has no plan to build more public or social housing, and she has turned her back on those who cannot afford private accommodation in Victoria.

“Ms Lovell needs to come clean with Victorians about how much funding is being actually provided by the Baillieu Government, and stop claiming credit for Commonwealth projects.

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