Posted on 14. Sep, 2011 in News

Hundreds of annual reports are expected to be dumped in parliament this week in yet another hypocritical act by the Baillieu Government, Opposition Scrutiny of Government spokesman Martin Pakula said today.

“Time and time again, Victorians are seeing blatant hypocrisy from Mr Baillieu and his team,” Mr Pakula said.

“It’s amazing how quickly Mr Baillieu has forgotten his own promises he made just 12 months ago.

“In Opposition, Mr Baillieu made an art form out of criticising the former government about the tabling of annual reports.

“So far we have seen just a handful of reports tabled, and with Mr Baillieu’s own deadline that reports will be tabled by September 15, Victorians can expect hundreds to be dumped out this week.”

“No one can absorb that information in a short period. Under a coalition it will stop and reports will be released as they are completed and as they are signed off by the auditor-general. A lot of these reports contain critical information and indeed information that is critical of the government.” (Ted Baillieu, 16 September, 2010)


Even in June, the Baillieu Government was still promising Victorians that annual reports would be progressively released.

 Reports already tabled reveal that wages for Ministers and department executives have
increased significantly, ambulance times are getting worse, and responses to
Freedom of Information requests have been centralised in the Premier’s office.


“Mr Baillieu’s promise to be open and
transparent was nothing but empty words,” Mr Pakula said.


“Victorians have
every right to know what the Baillieu Government is doing, but unfortunately
every effort to find out is being shut down.”


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