Posted on 17. Feb, 2011 in Clayton Update

A major redevelopment of the Glen Waverley Primary School is under a cloud as the Baillieu Government backs away from a vital school rebuilding program.

Shadow Minister for Education Rob Hulls said the new Government had refused to give a guarantee that it would honour the rebuilding program at dozens of Victorian schools.

“Students and teachers deserve the very best possible learning environment and this redevelopment would have given the school a new lease of life,” Mr Hulls said.

“Now we learn that the Baillieu Government and local MP Michael Gidley are refusing to honour the commitment to deliver this important rebuilding program that would have helped Glen Waverley Primary School and dozens of other Victorian schools.

“The redevelopment at Glen Waverley Primary School would have provided new classrooms, art, music, physical education and administration areas.

“The Baillieu Government’s decision to walk away from this project is a slap in the face to the school community.”

Mr Hulls said Victorian parents had a right to be sceptical about the new Government’s commitment to education.

“Already this month we have learned the Government intends to slash $338 million from the education budget over the next four years, including a $36 million hit this financial year,” he said.

“These cuts will hurt every classroom in the state.

“And now we have the Government walking away from a $1.9 billion program to deliver better facilities for teachers and students.

“It’s time Ted Baillieu and Education Minister Martin Dixon were honest with Victorian parents and explained their backflip.

“School communities deserve better than the second-class treatment they have been shown by the new Government.”

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