Posted on 11. May, 2011 in News

State owned residential aged care services and facilities are under threat from the Baillieu Government with the Minister for Ageing David Davis failing to give a guarantee that they would not be privatised.

Shadow Minister for Ageing Jenny Mikakos said privatising much needed state owned facilities would leave some of Victoria’s most vulnerable people without the essential care they need.

“The Liberals have form on this issue privatising aged care services in Bairnsdale, Paynesville, Warrnambool and Mildura,” Ms Mikakos said.

“Under these moves cuts were made to necessary nursing and care staff and other services to support the elderly in Victoria.

“Mr Davis was asked to rule out the sale, outsourcing or privatisation of any existing publicly funded residential aged care services or facilities. Mr Davis responded that he had no proposal to do so but he refused to give a categorical guarantee.

“Mr Davis should give a guarantee to senior Victorians that as the responsible Minister he will not go back to the Coalition practice of privatising aged care services.

“Victoria has an ageing population with our ‘baby boomers’ turning 65 this year. This will increase demand for services for senior Victorians including additional demand for residential aged care services.

“The Minister was unable to explain why his budget papers are projecting that 2,000 fewer senior Victorians will access high-care residential aged care places”,

Ms Mikakos said Budget Paper 3, page 201, states a target of 922,000 bed days in high-care places for 2011-12 compared to 924,000 in 2010-11.




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