Posted on 06. Oct, 2011 in News

The Baillieu Government has been caught red-handed claiming credit for road projects that the Federal Government previously announced and funded, Shadow Minister for Roads, Jacinta Allan, said today.

Ms Allan said a fortnight after the Government cut and paste a former Brumby Government announcement and media release, it’s again attempted to deceive Victorians.

“Roads Minister Terry Mulder has today tried to pull the wool over Victorians eyes by claiming more than $3 million in road projects which were announced and fully funded by the Federal Labor Government in June this year,” Ms Allan said.

“Mr Mulder has tried to deceive residents in Melbourne’s northern and western suburbs by claiming this was new funding, when it fact the Baillieu Government has nothing to do with the project funding at all.

“Less than 24 hours after Mr Mulder put the media releases out they were pulled down from the Premier’s web site in embarrassment.

“Mr Baillieu has failed to deliver on his promise to Victorians that he would lead an open and honest Government, but has failed to deliver.

“Rather than spin, Mr Mulder should be explaining why the Government isn’t delivering vital road projects in Melbourne’s western and northern suburbs.”



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