Posted on 08. Dec, 2011 in News

Confidence in public transport under the Baillieu Government has plummeted to a 24 month low, with a new survey showing 78 per cent believe transport in their local area will be the same or worse in a year’s time, Shadow Minister for Public Transport, Fiona Richardson, said today.

Ms Richardson said the latest results from the University of Western Sydney, Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies – Interfleet Transport Opinion Survey (TOPS) was further evidence the Baillieu Government was failing Melbourne commuters.

“The Baillieu Government promised to improve Victoria’s public transport system but instead nearly 2 out of every 3 new services are travelling in the wrong direction during peak hour and no extra trains,” Ms Richardson said.

“Now they want to increase fares by an average 8.6 per cent with no improvement plan.

“Victorians are right to be pessimistic about the future of public transport under Mr Baillieu and Transport Minister Terry Mulder – Victoria’s new Sheriff of Nottingham, all take and no give.”

Ms Richardson said survey results showed confidence in public transport under the Baillieu Government had dropped to its lowest level in two years.

“Of those surveyed, 78 per cent said transport would be the same in their local area in one year’s time – the highest level for eight quarters of the survey – and a quarter said transport would be worse,” she said.

“Sixty-nine per cent of Victorian residents surveyed said urgent investment in rail was a high priority.

“Nearly two-thirds of Victorians surveyed said public transport was their number one priority –yet the Baillieu Government dithers on delivering any real benefit to commuters.”

Ms Richardson said commuters were usually happy to pay a bit extra if in return they receive a better service.

“Instead the Baillieu Government will slug commuters with massive fee increases and offer up no public transport improvements,” she said.

“The fare increases planned by Labor were designed to help fund new rail infrastructure under the Victorian Transport Plan but Mr Mulder has dumped the plan.

“It’s a bit rich for the Liberals to now expect to reach into the pockets of every commuter and ask them to pay more for nothing in return. The decline in commuter confidence is evidence of the Baillieu Government’s failure to invest in metropolitan or regional rail networks or make promised improvements.”

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