Posted on 09. Dec, 2011 in News

Victims of Victoria’s flood disaster have been left in the dark about the Baillieu Government’s response to the Comrie Report, following a series of contradictory statements from the Premier and the Deputy Premier, Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Danielle Green said today.

The report, released by the Baillieu Government today, outlined the findings of the Victorian Flood Review (VFR) chaired by Neil Comrie.

“Again Mr Baillieu’s crippling indecision was obvious in today’s response, with no clear position from the Government about their response to the report, confusing flood victims and their families,” Ms Green said.

“Outside parliament this morning the Premier said all recommendations would be adopted, yet an hour later the Deputy Premier said the Government would be ignoring at least three recommendations.

“Later still, a press release issues by the Premier’s Media Unit contradicted them both, saying all recommendations were still under consideration.”

Ms Green said the Baillieu Government’s slow progress in implementing the Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission recommendations was laid bare in the report.

“Mr Baillieu said he would implement the Royal Commission recommendations ‘lock stock and barrell’, but many of the same issues are present in the Comrie report,” she said.

“Despite having 12 months in office and despite some of the most devastating floods in the State’s history, the Baillieu Government has failed to implement recommendations from sections outlined in the Royal Commission’s Report, which are also noted by Mr Comrie

“These include the following chapters in the VFR report: warnings and public information (ch. 2); evacuations and vulnerable people (ch. 4); clean up and recovery (ch. 5); and the adequacy of emergency grants (ch. 7).

“The Comrie report and the Royal Commission Implementation Monitor have also noted the Government’s failure to implement the vulnerable people’s register.

“This was raised by the opposition earlier this year with the Minister responsible, Mary Wooldridge, who was unaware the register was in her portfolio area.

“The report also recommends the state’s emergency services should fall under one central body, under the control of one responsible officer, like that of the fire services commissioner.

“Nearly a year after the floods struck the communities who are still getting back to normal, need the Government to show some leadership to help them recover and make sure this never happens again.”

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