Posted on 23. Dec, 2011 in News

The Baillieu Government’s cynical release of hospital performance data three days before Christmas was a shameless attempt to avoid public scrutiny of his Government’s failure to boost the performance ofVictoria’s health system, the Shadow Minister for Health, Gavin Jennings, said today.

Mr Jennings said the Baillieu Government promised to release Victorian Health Services Performance Reports every quarter but had released no data since June – six months ago.

“And today, the Baillieu Government released data for the June 2011 and September 2011 quarters on the same day,” Mr Jennings said.

“It’s no surprise they tried to bury this report given it has exposed a record high number of patients waiting for elective surgery.

“Also, hospitals have failed ambulance and emergency department treatment time targets exposing the crisis inVictoria’s’ health system.

“This data backs what health professionals have been saying for months –Victoria’s hospital system has never been as bad as this.”

Mr Jennings said the data demonstrated the Baillieu Government’s abject failure to boost the health system’s performance.

It found the Baillieu Government had failed to meet treatment time targets in key areas, including:

  • Emergency Department Category 3 (urgent) patients;
  • Elective Surgery Category 2 (semi-urgent); and
  • Ambulance patient transfers (only 77 per cent of patients were treated within 40 mins well below the 90 per cent target).

It also found:

  • The number of patients waiting for elective surgery at the end of September had blown out to 41,601 – the highest on record;
  • In July to September this year, an extra 97 patients waited more than one year for treatment than for the same quarter last year;
  • Category 3 elective surgery patient average waiting times increased by 11 days over last 12 months;
  • Elective Surgery hospital initiated postponements increased by 7.1 per cent.

“Health Minister, David Davis promised greater transparency and public accountability of hospital performance,” Mr Jennings said.

“Instead, he has put out two quarters of complex data on the one day –three days before Christmas – in a shameless attempt to dodge public scrutiny of the Baillieu Government’s failure on health in its first year in office.”

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