Posted on 11. Aug, 2011 in News

An increase in Victoria’s unemployment rate is further evidence why the Baillieu Government must outline a plan to create jobs, Shadow Minister for Employment Tim Pallas said today.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force figures for July reveal that unemployment in Victoria has increased from 4.6 per cent in June to 5.1 per cent in July seasonally adjusted.

This means that there were 20,700 fewer Victorians with a job in July compared to June, while the number of Victorians employed full-time fell by 28,500 over the month.

“These figures again highlight why the Baillieu Government must outline a jobs plan and create a jobs target,” Mr Pallas said.

“After almost nine months, Mr Baillieu still has no plan to create jobs, no plan to attract investment to Victoria and no plan to ensure the state remains a competitive place to do business.

“These figures are worrying and this Government needs to get on with the job of securing our state from further job losses.

“This follows today’s announcement that up to 40 jobs will be lost at Clive Peeters, as well as this week’s announcement that 150 jobs will be lost at SPC Ardmona in the state’s north.

“During an interview this week, when asked how he was protecting Victoria from the current economic circumstances, Mr Baillieu’s response was he would ‘monitor expenditure’.

“It’s time Mr Baillieu realises that he is the Premier of Victoria and should have a plan in place to make sure Victoria remains a competitive place to do business.”

In Parliament on 1 June, 2011, Liberal Minister Louise Asher said: “…there is a fundamental point of philosophical difference between the opposition and the government, and that is that the opposition seems to think the government’s role is to provide jobs… [the Government] will allow the private sector to create jobs.”

Mr Pallas said it wasn’t good enough for the Baillieu Government to take a hands-off approach to employment.

“Job creation doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the responsibility of governments to make sure they have plans in place to drive the economy to stimulate job creation.

“Mr Baillieu needs to create a plan to boost investment opportunities and jobs to ensure that more Victorians are not left out of work.

“Without a plan to protect and grow Victoria, we will see more job losses across the state.”

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