Posted on 27. Jun, 2011 in News

The Baillieu Government must reveal what secret plans it has regarding Melbourne’s green wedge zones, Shadow Minister for Planning Brian Tee said today.

“Today Victoria learnt Mr Baillieu plans to end 40 years of bipartisan support for Melbourne’s green wedges,” Mr Tee said.

“Mr Baillieu’s plan is being drawn up behind closed doors, and will allow green wedge land to be opened up to developers and hotel resort operators.

“The result will mean the only way Victorian families will be able to use the green wedges will be by paying to stay in one of Mr Baillieu’s exclusive hotels and resorts.”

Mr Tee said successive governments had provided bipartisan support for the green wedges and both side of politics had conscientiously maintained the green space in and around the city.

“The green wedges are the lungs of the city, which is why the previous Labor Government left more green space for Melbourne families than when it came into office in 1999,” he said.

“Mr Baillieu believes Melbourne has too much green space, and we believe he is already drawing up plans to concrete over these important environmental refuges.

“These plans will mean what was originally free to use, will be fenced off from Victorian families.”

Mr Tee said that since Victoria’s planning strategy ‘Melbourne @ 2030’ was ripped up by Mr Baillieu, the Government could now act as it pleased.

“The Government does not have a replacement planning strategy, so Mr Baillieu and his Planning Minister Matthew Guy are free to implement short-sighted policies without any community consultation or legislative constraint.

“The community deserves better. Consultation with the community has been totally ignored in Mr Baillieu’s push to concrete over our green wedge zones.”

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