Posted on 08. Sep, 2011 in News

The Baillieu Government has no real plan to create jobs and attract investment to Victoria, Shadow Minister for Employment Tim Pallas said today.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force figures reveal that from July to August there were 3300 fewer people in work in Victoria.

Mr Pallas said today’s figures showed there had been no improvement in Victoria’s unemployment rate.

“While Victoria’s unemployment rate has remained the same at 5.1 per cent, it is concerning that 3300 fewer Victorians are in work,” Mr Pallas said.

“The Baillieu Government, after nine months, still has no plan for jobs, no plan to attract investment to Victoria, and no plan to ensure the state remains a competitive place to do business.

“There have been more than 1300 manufacturing job losses across Victoria since March.

“Over the last quarter, private sector infrastructure investment rose by 4.9 per cent nation-wide, while in Victoria it fell by 2.4 per cent.

“Without a plan to protect and grow our economy, we will see more job losses across the state.

“When will the Baillieu Government stop dithering and produce a jobs action plan? “

Mr Pallas said Mr Baillieu needed to create a plan to boost investment opportunities and jobs to ensure that more Victorians were not left out of work.

“One of the primary drivers for jobs growth is infrastructure delivery,” he said.

“In the recent NSW Budget, the Liberal O’Farrell Government has prioritised infrastructure delivery, while in Queensland the Liberal National Party has identified six key infrastructure projects it would prioritise should it be elected.

“Since it was elected in November, the Liberal National Coalition Government in Victoria has shelved, delayed or hived off for review billions of dollars of infrastructure programs.

“In doing so they have destroyed business confidence in this State at a frightening pace and as we saw today, that has now resulted in less Victorians in work.”




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