Posted on 08. Dec, 2011 in News

Job figures released today showing more than 4000 Victorians lost jobs in October was more damning evidence of an economy in freefall thanks to 12 months of lazy economic management by the Baillieu Government, the Shadow Minister for Employment, Tim Pallas, said today.

Mr Pallas said it was now up to Mr Baillieu to explain to the new jobless and their families why he had failed to develop a jobs plan for Victoria.

Today’s Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Labour Force figures for November reveal that seasonally adjusted unemployment rates in Victoria increased to 5.5 per cent from 5.4 per cent in October – above the national average.

“Nothing is more important to Victorians than having a job,” Mr Pallas said.

“And yet, thanks to a complacent Baillieu Government, almost 15,000 less Victorians were employed in full-time work between October and November, with 4000 more people unemployed this Christmas.

“Victorians are anxious about their jobs and their families’ security but are getting no support from Mr Baillieu.

Mr Pallas said figures like this would hopefully convince Mr Baillieu that jobs don’t happen by accident.

“The Baillieu Government has been in office for 12 months and they still have not developed a jobs or investment plan for Victoria,” he said.

“How many Victorian workers will need to lose their jobs before the Baillieu Government wakes up from the slothful slumber of incumbency and starts working to support investment and job creation in Victoria?”

Mr Pallas said the latest jobs figures, when coupled with yesterday’s ABS statistics showing Victorian State Final Demand falling 0.1 per cent over the September quarter – well behind the one percent national growth – was damning news for the Victorian economy and workers.
“It’s also a damning indictment of the Baillieu Government’s failure to protect and grow our economy,” he said.

“Caught in a quagmire of crippling indecision, Mr Baillieu failed to submit even one project for funding through Infrastructure Australia in the first half of the year and scrambled to only recently submit funding requests for more planning and studies.

“It’s time the Baillieu Government outlined a plan to create and secure jobs for Victorians.”

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