Posted on 15. Jul, 2011 in News

In a humiliating back down, the Baillieu Government was forced into re-tendering hundreds of Government IT contracts effectively starting the process from scratch.

Shadow Minister for Technology Adem Somyurek said the Baillieu Government took six weeks to realise the changes they made to the e-Services panel were unworkable.

“This is a win for the Victorian ICT Sector, a win for the various departments and agencies engaging the panel’s IT providers, and a win for common sense,” he said.

“This was a shocking decision, and the anger in the sector was palpable, yet what is unexplainable is how the Baillieu Government could have so monumentally bungled this decision.

“At the time, Technology Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips washed his hands of the decision, but has now been forced, nearly two months later, to take responsibility and start undoing the damage he has caused.

“Mr Rich-Phillips has been forced to admit his flawed system wouldn’t provide government departments and agencies the choice it needed.

Mr Somyurek said the Baillieu Government will be forced to re-tender hundreds of organisations for hundreds of contracts across government.

“The Minister’s dithering could have cost hundreds of jobs and sent IT companies north to Queensland or NSW.

“Mr Rich-Phillips made these wholesale changes without consultation, only notifying the sector after the full tender process was run.

“I urge Mr Rich-Phillips to ensure his department release the full details of the revised arrangement and a full and proper consultation to be made.

“Mr Rich-Philips clearly didn’t understand the ramifications of his ill-advised decision, and he still doesn’t understand this sector which is so important to the Victorian economy.

“Mr Rich-Phillips needs to work overtime to gain a proper understanding of his portfolio and to regain the confidence of the sector.”

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