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Victorian workers and job seekers have been hit hard during the first year of the Baillieu Government with 17,100 more unemployed in Victoria now than in December last year, the Shadow Minister for Employment, Tim Pallas, said today.

Mr Pallas said the state’s economy and jobs growth had stalled since Mr Baillieu came to office.

“In almost 12 months the Baillieu Government has doubled the state debt but done nothing to protect and grow the economy and create jobs for Victorians,” Mr Pallas said.

“As Victorian manufacturing reels from a high Australian dollar, the Baillieu Government has been caught out asleep at the wheel, with no plan to create jobs and attract investment.

“Nothing is more important to Victorian families than a job, but without a jobs plan we can expect more job losses across Victoria over the coming years.”

Mr Pallas said Mr Baillieu had also turned his back on local business and industry.

“Mr Baillieu has refused to rule out abolishing the Victorian Industry Participation Policy, which under Labor supported more than 27,200 new manufacturing jobs from 2001 to 2010.

“This comes at a time when the manufacturing sector, under pressure from a record high Australian dollar, has shed more than 1300 jobs this year.

“Mr Baillieu’s lack of vision is in stark contrast to Labor’s record when Victoria was the ‘jobs capital of Australia’, creating 100,000 new jobs in 2010 and created 92 percent of all full time jobs in the country in 2009.”

Mr Pallas said instead of making life easier for businesses, industry, workers and job seekers, Mr Baillieu had made life harder by:

  • Refusing to support both minimum-wage increases for the state’s lowest paid workers and refusing to support wage increases above inflation for public sector workers;
  • Demonising nurses as part of an ideological-driven industrial relations strategy to reduce nurse numbers and compromise patient care;
  • Cutting the completion bonus for young apprentices and slashing $48 million from VCAL, making it increasingly difficult for Victorians to access the skills and training they need in the rapidly changing workplace; and
  • Ending funding for JobWatch, leaving thousands of Victorian workers without support or assistance to understand and enforce their workplace rights.

To mark the Baillieu Government’s first anniversary, the State Labor Opposition has launched a new website and booklet outlining the many failures of the Baillieu Government.

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