Posted on 19. Oct, 2011 in News

Baillieu Government inaction on the National Broadband Network roll out has driven jobs and investment for Victoria to other states, Shadow Minister for Technology Adem Somyurek said today.

Mr Somyurek said Victoriahad missed out on its fair share of NBN roll out sites because Mr Baillieu and his Technology Minister, Gordon Rich-Phillips, had dithered all year about whether to support the project or not.

“Victoria has lost jobs and millions of investment dollars to other states because Mr Rich-Phillips and Mr Baillieu put personal political interests ahead of Victoria’s interests,” Mr Somyurek said.

“Mr Baillieu knows super fast broadband is vital to Victoria’s future prosperity and opportunity. Optic fibre is the answer to driveVictoria’s economy and boost productivity.

“However, he refused to firmly back the project and stand up to Tony Abbot who wants to demolish the NBN.

“Instead of making Victoria’s case to the Federal Government, Mr Baillieu and Mr Rich-Phillips sat on their hands watching opportunities for Victoria pass them by.

“Now, 12 months later, the Baillieu Government is whingeing about Victoria missing out blaming everyone except themselves.”

Mr Somyurek said Labor had positioned Victoria ahead of all other states to benefit from the NBN rollout last year.

“When Mr Baillieu came to office, Victoria was well ahead of the pack,” Mr Somyurek said.

“We were the front runner in the race to be the home of the NBN HQ, which we lost when Mr Baillieu won office.

“Victoria was also the first mainland state to rollout fibre.

“But the NBN was the Baillieu Government’s last priority. As a result he has failed Victorian businesses and families who want more reliable broadband.”

Mr Somyurek said Mr Baillieu must start preparing Victoria for the future and stand up for Victoria’s interests instead of the Liberal Party’s interests.

“He needs to cut Tony Abbott loose and stop dithering in the past.”

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