Posted on 04. May, 2011 in Clayton Update

Clayton electorate families have missed out on crucial improvements to Health, Education and Transport in Ted Baillieu’s first State Budget, Labor Member for Clayton, Hong Lim, said today.

Mr Lim said Ted Baillieu had failed to deliver for the people in the Clayton electorate and had broken the trust they had put in the Liberal National Party Government.

“Despite the Baillieu-Ryan Government inheriting a AAA-rated budget, with a strong surplus over each of the next four years, the State Budget is bad news for residents across the Clayton electorate, Mr Lim said.

“Victoria’s economic credentials are regarded as among the best in Australia and Mr Baillieu must explain why he failed to deliver the Monash Children’s Centre which currently treats over 27,000 patients each year.

“Ted Baillieu has spent the past six months talking down the Victorian economy and the first budget of Treasurer Kim Wells is nothing more than a grab bag of election promises.

“The Baillieu-Ryan Government had failed to deliver a vision for Victoria and the people in this electorate will suffer as a result.

Mr Lim said the budget lacked any mention of jobs or plans to drive the state’s economy.

“The Government wants us to believe this budget will assist families but the Treasurer did not mention jobs or employment once in his speech,” Mr Lim said.

“Our state is growing and it’s important the Liberal-National Government make sure all Victorians, no matter where they live, have access to good schools, hospitals, roads and transport.”

“Mr Baillieu has described his Budget as caring but he’s certainly not delivering the care that  the 330,000 children who live in the south-east will need by refusing to fully fund the Monash Children’s Centre,” Mr Lim said.

Labor committed $250 million to build the Monash Children’s Centre by 2014. This centre would provide care for an extra 7,300 children each year.

“This was a commitment that the Baillieu Government matched at the election, yet his Budget reveals that in the next four years he will provide just $8.5 million  this years and only $60 million over 4 years for the project.

“Ted Baillieu has walked away from one of the largest suburban hospital development projects in the state’s history, which would create 435 jobs during construction”

“This is shameful but not surprising from a Government that obviously doesn’t understand the needs of Victorian families.

On budget day they released their 12 year health plan which was heavy on rherotric and light and detail.

The Coalition has still not told Victorians how many additional doctors and nurses will be employed or how many additional episodes of elective surgery will be performed in the public hospital system.

Mr Lim said Clayton South families who were waiting for the rebuilding at Clayton South Primary School will be disappointed to find out it was overlooked in the State Budget.

“This is slap in the face for local families after Mr Baillieu has decided to fund school projects on the basis of politics, rather than based on need.

“The Baillieu Government’s quickly developing a bad record in education having previously admitted to slashing $338 million from the education budget and walking away from the Victorian Schools Plan which would have seen every public school rebuilt or modernised by the end of 2016.”

“Cranbourne line commuters have missed out on any new train services and Monash University students have missed out on any new bus services in the state budget.

Mr Baillieu promised to spend $379 million to grade separate 8 level crossings, including the Springvale Road crossing in Springvale. The State Budget allocated only $16.5 million in total.

“By ignoring public transport, Mr Baillieu is demonstrating his lack of vision to boost transport services.

Mr Lim said that the Clayton South, Heatherton and Oakleigh South community would be bitterly disappointed that their campaign to have the Dingley bypass completed was ignored by Mr Baillieu.

“This was ignored in the State Budget with Mr Baillieu choosing to invest in projects based on grubby politics rather than need,” he said.

“This decision to not invest in fixing the problem along Heatherton / Kingston Road and Old Dandenong Road will mean families who use those roads will continue to suffer peak hour delays for the next 4 – 6 years at least.

Mr Lim said the 2011 State Budget demonstrates that Baillieu has deceived Victoria.

“It is clear from the Budget the Baillieu Government cannot deliver on their promises and they will not make the tough decisions needed to lead the state,” he said.

“They have no plan for Victoria and no vision for its future.”

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