Posted on 21. Jun, 2011 in Clayton Update

The Baillieu Government is dragging its feet on yet another election promise, having failed to provide ‘street by street’ crime statistics to Neighbourhood Watch, Labor Member for Clayton Hong Lim said today.

“Last year Mr Baillieu promised to provide Neighbourhood Watch with street-by-street data yet more than 6 months later, nothing has been achieved,” Mr Lim said today.

“Neighbourhood Watch groups have not received this data, and Victoria Police have indicated that they have no intention of providing this level of information in the future.

“In fact, police have publically voiced their concerns that providing information on this basis will cause a host of ‘privacy and reliability’ issues.

“And now, in the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee, Crime Prevention Minister Andrew McIntosh admitted it was unlikely that he would be able provide this information at all.

“It is becoming clear that this Baillieu Government’s commitment was nothing more than empty rhetoric.”

Mr Lim said that this was the latest in a long list of failures in law and order from the Baillieu Government.

“Mr Baillieu was prepared to make all sorts of commitments before the election, commitments which either he has no intention of fulfilling or he is unable to implement.”

“Local families shouldn’t have to wait any longer for the Baillieu Government to get their act together.

“Mr Baillieu has dithered long enough. It’s time he started implementing his promises, or he should admit to Victorians that his promises can’t be fulfilled,” he said.

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