Posted on 14. Dec, 2011 in News

The Baillieu-Ryan Government has walked away from its promise to implement all of the Bushfire Royal Commission’s recommendations in full and left Victoria dangerously underprepared for the 2011/12 fire season, the Shadow Minister for Bushfire Response Jacinta Allan said today.

The State Opposition today launched a report card on the Baillieu-Ryan Government’s progress on its promised bushfire reforms.

“Twelve months ago, Ted Baillieu and Peter Ryan had a lot to say about the Bushfire Royal Commission’s recommendations,” Ms Allan said.

“Mr Baillieu made a solemn promise that his Government would implement the recommendations in full – ‘lock stock and barrel’ – and act urgently to give bushfire communities ‘clear direction’ to keep Victorians safe. But today, as Victoria heads into another dangerous bushfire season, Mr Baillieu and Mr Ryan have not done what they promised to make Victorians safer.

“Instead, they have broken their promise to implement the Commission’s recommendations in full, done nothing on a host of promised “urgent” safety measures, delayed Fire Action Week and slashed Victoria’s fire-fighting airforce.

“The Government’s only action so far is to take out a full page advertisement in newspapers. Peter Ryan and Ted Baillieu should spend less time appearing in advertising and more time working on delivering what they promised to the people ofVictoria.
“Ted Baillieu and Peter Ryan’s neglect could put lives at risk this summer. Victorians should be in no doubt that our state is not as ready as it should be for the bushfire season and the Baillieu Government is to blame.”

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Danielle Green said the Baillieu-Ryan Government had failed to protect Victorian bushfire communities.

“The delay to Fire-Action Week has meant landowners had less time this year to reduce fuel loads and implement their personal fire plan while funding for a third ‘Elvis-style’ air crane helicopter has been cut against the advice of bushfire fighting agencies,” Ms Green said.
“Instead of giving high-risk communities certainty, the new Bushfire Hazard Map is riddled with inconsistencies and has left people confused and anxious. Meanwhile, Mr Ryan and Mr Baillieu will not say how they will implement a key promise to upgrade powerlines and have refused to release the Power Bushfire Safety Taskforce’s final, concealing the cost and impact.”

Ms Allan said Mr Baillieu and Mr Ryan must start being upfront with the public on its bushfire reforms and say what promises they plan to break, what promises they will keep and how much it will cost.

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