Posted on 18. Oct, 2011 in News

The Baillieu-Ryan Government has backflipped on its previous criticism of the Goulburn Valley Foodbowl Modernisation Project and is now claiming the project as its own, Shadow Minister for Water John Lenders said today.

Mr Lenders welcomed Federal Labor’s $1.2 billion announcement for stage 2 of the Foodbowl Modernisation project, which Victorian Labor was proud to have started.

“It’s astounding the Baillieu-Ryan Government, in Opposition, endlessly knocked Labor’s Foodbowl Modernisation project but is now proudly boasting about it,” Mr Lenders said.

“We supported the project because it would provide lasting water security for farmers and residents in the region, and would boost water available for rivers, streams and the environment.

“We recognised that with investment in infrastructure the long term water benefits for the region would be secured.

“The Victorian Liberal National Government had to be dragged over the line to support local farmers before it finally backed the Foodbowl Modernisation Project.”

Mr Lenders said that in Opposition, the National’s Peter Ryan described the program as a “water savings mirage”, while Peter Walsh said the aim of the program was “to close down at least 60% of the
irrigation infrastructure of the region”

“Yet miraculously, the Liberal and National party members are the same people now praising the project and claiming it as their own.”



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