Posted on 25. Nov, 2011 in Greening Victoria

The Baillieu Government’s environmental credentials are in tatters after one year in office, Shadow Minister for the Environment, Lisa Neville, said today.

Ms Neville said Mr Baillieu failed to take an environment policy to the election and 12 months later the reasons for this were very clear.

“In 12 months, the Baillieu Government has done nothing to protect Victoria’s environment for future generations,” Ms Neville said.

“What Mr Baillieu has done is bring in legislation that is killing off investment in windfarms and the solar industry and introduce cattle into sensitive national parks.

“He has dumped incentives for people wanting to install solar panels on their homes and abandoned the state’s greenhouse gas reduction target to reduce emissions by 20 per cent by 2020.”

Ms Neville said Mr Baillieu had become a willing pawn for climate change sceptic Tony Abbott.

“The issue has exposed Mr Baillieu’s weak leadership, demonstrating his eagerness to put politics ahead of good sense – and his willingness to create fear and confusion rather than deal with the
climate change challenge.”

Ms Neville said the reintroduction of cattle to the National Heritage-listed Alpine National Park was another example of the Baillieu Government putting politics ahead of the environment.

“This has happened despite clear department and scientific advice that such a move would be detrimental to the park and have no impact on fire mitigation,” she said.

“The decision may have won Tim Bull a seat and the Liberal National Party government – but at what cost to Victoria’s environmental heritage?”

Mr Baillieu had also:

  • Broken his promise to produce five per cent of the state’s energy from solar sources;
  • Abolished the premium solar feed-in tariff scheme killing about 1800 jobs, and failed to introduce a gross feed-in tariff scheme for renewable energy; and
  • Introduced job killing anti-wind farm laws, which create a dense maze of wind farm buffers and no go zones that have shut down Victoria for future wind farm projects and employment opportunities.

To mark the Baillieu Government’s first anniversary, the State Labor Opposition has launched a new website and booklet outlining the many failures of the Baillieu Government.

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