Posted on 06. Sep, 2011 in News

The Baillieu Government is walking away from Victoria’s manufacturing industry and leaving businesses to deal with the increasingly difficult economic environment alone, Shadow Minister for Manufacturing Adem Somyurek said today.

Mr Somyurek said when asked what action the Baillieu Government was taking to help shield local businesses from challenges like the high Australia dollar, Manufacturing Minister Richard Dalla-Riva failed to name a single initiative.

“Mr Dalla-Riva’s silence in Parliament sounded a death-knell for Victorian manufacturing, because it simply can’t survive without leadership from the Baillieu Government,” Mr Somyurek said.

“At a time when Victorian manufacturers are under increasing pressure from interstate and overseas, Mr Dalla-Riva had nothing to say.

“Mr Dalla-Riva did, however refuse to rule out abolishing the Victorian Industry Participation Policy (VIPP), which facilitated more than 27,200 new manufacturing jobs in Victoria from 2001 to

“This would deal a major blow to a sector crying out for Government assistance, and could spell the end of thousands of jobs acrossVictoria.”

Mr Somyurek said Mr Dalla-Riva’s refusal to answer in Parliament came on top of Mr Baillieu’s refusal to rule out ending Government assistance to local manufacturers.

“Victorian manufacturers already trying to cope with a high Australian dollar and increasing competition from mass-production and low-cost economies such as China, now have to deal with a disinterested Baillieu Government.

“Mr Dalla-Riva and Mr Baillieu’s failure to support manufacturing and end local requirements will certainly stall any future investments inVictoria.

“The silence from this dithering do-nothing Baillieu Government is astounding – it seems Mr Baillieu is more interested in standing up for jobs in China than for families inVictoria.”



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