Posted on 10. Nov, 2011 in Clayton Update

Schools in the Clayton electorate are struggling to keep up with maintenance after the Baillieu Government slashed almost $500 million from the education budget, Member for Clayton Hong Lim said today.

Recent reports have shown schools in disrepair, with school principals trying to find the money to keep up vital maintenance.

Mr Lim said that after almost 12 months in office, the Baillieu Government had only itself to blame for the state of Victorian public schools.

“It’s clear the Baillieu Government doesn’t care about education, and schools in the Clayton electorate are suffering as a result,” Mr Lim said.

“The decision by Mr Baillieu and his Education Minister Martin Dixon to slash $481 million from the education budget, while halving the capital works budget is hurting students and staff.

“You don’t have to be top of the class to realise that cutting millions from education will put significant pressure on schools.”

Mr Lim said Mr Baillieu’s shameful record stood in stark contrast to Labor’s record on investing and rebuilding Victorian public schools.

“Mr Baillieu has walked away from Labor’s Victorian Schools Plan which was on track to rebuild, extend or renovate every school across the state by 2016-17,” he said.

“In Government Labor invested $3.7 billion for capital works in over 980 schools.

“We have seen nothing of the promised $10 million School Improvement fund, and the Baillieu Government’s previous commitment to support Labor’s Victorian School Plan has amounted to nothing.

“It’s time Mr Baillieu stopped blaming everyone else and started investing in local schools in the Clayton electorate.”



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