Posted on 09. Mar, 2011 in News

Ted Baillieu’s embarrassing backflip on making teachers the best paid in the country is just another example of the Coalition Government struggling to deliver for all Victorians, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said today.

“The Baillieu Government’s first 100 days have been disappointing and Victorians deserve more,” Mr Andrews said.

“This is a Government that promised so much for Victorians but has spent the past three months performing cheap political stunts and acting like an Opposition in exile.

“They have dithered over every decision, failed to deliver on election commitments and now have been caught out deceiving teachers.

“Their extraordinary confession today that they are reneging on their commitment is a slap in the face for every Victorian teacher.

“Education is obviously not a priority of the Baillieu Government.

“It’s already been revealed the Government is turning their back on a wage deal with police, now Mr Baillieu has broken his key commitment for Victorian teachers – the question is which promise will they break next?”

Mr Andrews said the Government’s excuses for not delivering on promises were completely hollow.

“Mr Baillieu is finding any excuse not to deliver, but he has previously acknowledged the sound state of the budget,” he said.

“The preliminary advice we now have received is that there are no surprises in the financial position … so we will be proceeding with our commitments.”

Ted Baillieu, 1 December, 2010


And when asked in parliament whether they stood by their commitment to make teachers the highest paid, the Treasurer Kim Wells confirmed they would.

“In short, the Coalition government stands by every single one of its commitments.”

Kim Wells, 21 December 2010

“Before the election, the Coalition ran around the state making promise after promise, but failed to do the hard work to ensure they could deliver,” Mr Andrews said.

“After 100 days in Government, their promises are quickly unravelling and they appear to be scared to make decisions. The people of Victoria deserve better.”

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