Posted on 15. Aug, 2011 in News

The Baillieu Government’s plan to cut the number of car parking spaces required for new developments will cause chaos in Melbourne’s suburbs, Shadow Minister for Planning Brian Tee said today.

A recently released report reveals the Baillieu Government is considering significantly cutting the number of parking spaces required when building new shopping centres, apartments and offices across Melbourne’s suburbs.

“Mr Baillieu’s plan will lead to parking chaos,” Mr Tee said.

“Local residents will be hemmed in on their own streets, which will overflow with cars from high-rise apartments and shops built with few, if any, parking spots.”

Under the proposal, developers will no longer have to include parking spots in high rise apartments in activity centre zones, while developers building apartments in other areas will need to include about half the number of parking spots currently required.

Developers will no longer be required to build parking for smaller shops, while parking requirements for larger shops will be halved.

“These proposed changes will allow developers to squeeze more units and shops into developments because requirements to provide parking have been slashed or removed,” Mr Tee said.

“These plans might be good news for developers, but will be bad news for residents who will be left without parking spaces.

“A simple trip to the local shops will be made difficult when local residents can’t find a carpark, while people moving into new apartments will be forced to find parking on the streets.

“The buck stops with the Government. It is Mr Baillieu’s decision to choke the suburbs with cars.”

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