Posted on 09. Dec, 2010 in Clayton Update

Clayton MP Hong Lim attended todays offical opening with Federal MP for Hotham Simon Crean of the much needed library and classrooms at Westall Primary School built as part of the Australian Government’s Building the Education Revolution (BER).

The new facilities include staff work areas and technology upgrades which are already impacting on teaching practices and educational outcomes.

Westall Primary School received $2,125,000 under the National School Pride (NSP) program and Primary Schools for the 21st Century (P21) elements of the BER.

The BER is a key element of the Australian Government’s $42 billion Nation Building – Economic Stimulus Plan to support jobs, stimulate local economies and invest in important infrastructure for the long term.

Mr Crean congratulated Westall Primary School on their new facilities and spoke of the benefit to both the school and local community.

‘We have now reached the next exciting phase in Building the Education Revolution,’ Mr Crean said.

‘It has been fantastic to see the principal, school staff, parents and tradespeople working together to deliver these important projects. Now that they are completed, teachers and students in our local schools will be teaching and learning in 21st Century facilities that they so richly deserve.’

The $1.28 billion NSP program is providing funding to more than 9400 eligible schools in every state and territory for minor infrastructure and refurbishment.

The $14.1 billion P21 element is providing funding to over 7900 eligible primary schools in every state and territory for major new infrastructure.

Mr Crean said the new facilities are not only a benefit to the school, they are supporting stronger social networks and community cohesion.

The flexible library and classrooms include amenities and were designed to accommodate for both school and community uses.

‘It is tremendous to be here today to celebrate the opening of the new library and classrooms and to witness first hand, the impact this has had on Westall Primary School and the local community.

‘I am also delighted that this particular project has supported the employment of 10 workers. This is what we strived to achieve – this is the essence of the Economic Stimulus Plan,’ Mr Crean said.

Further information about this project and all schools funded under the BER is available at http://www.buildingtheeducationrevolution.gov.au/ or at: http://www.economicstimulusplan.gov.au/.

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