Posted on 28. Jul, 2010 in News

Victorian manufacturing jobs would be sent overseas and businesses forced to shut down under the weak leadership of Ted Baillieu and his industry policy-free Opposition.

Industry and Trade Minister Jacinta Allan said a report released today by the Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee supported the Government’s approach to supporting manufacturing.

She said Ted Baillieu and his rarely-seen manufacturing spokesman were too lazy to even make a submission to the report showing they don’t care about Victorian jobs.

“No policy, no submission, no interest – Ted Baillieu doesn’t care about Victorian manufacturing jobs,” she said.

“While the Committee found Government support was ‘a key factor in fostering a sustainable and competitive sector’ the Opposition is on the record saying the Government’s support for the car industry is a waste of taxpayer’s money.

“This report shows that the Brumby Labor Government has made the right decisions and shown strong economic management to protect jobs and secure investment after the world was rocked by the Global Financial Crisis.

“Mr Baillieu has also failed to produce a policy to create even one job because he has never had to work a hard day in his life and doesn’t understand the job needs of Victorian families.

“Just as the Brumby Labor Government has taken the lead on tackling Climate Change, we are also taking action to secure jobs.

“Last financial year, while other economies suffered, Victoria created 115,000 new jobs – more than any other Australian state.

“Sadly, Ted Baillieu’s weak response was to oppose these job-creating initiatives, including to suggest we send 3000 Toyota jobs offshore by withdrawing support for Toyota’s Hybrid Camry.

“That same lazy manufacturing spokesman continually talks down the sector despite latest figures showing Victorian manufacturing is growing faster than the national average.”

Ms Allan said the Brumby Labor Government had supported industry by slashing payroll tax, offering the highest first home owners boost of any state to encourage construction, investing more than $11.5 billion in vital infrastructure projects to create jobs, and launching the Competitive Business Fund to help Victorian businesses better target national and global markets.

“These bold initiatives are in addition to the regional business support contained in our Ready for Tomorrow regional blueprint, our $316 million skills training reforms, our industry support program and the many other business assistance measures available through Government,” she said.

“We have also strengthened the Victorian Industry Participation Policy to boost local content for major government projects.”

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