Posted on 31. May, 2010 in Clayton Update

Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson today warned Victorian households to watch out for dodgy doorknockers promoting a bogus government water filter rebate scam.

Mr Robinson said Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) was investigating complaints about doorknockers claiming to represent a “Government Water Filter Rebate” scheme and offering to run tests on householders’ tap water to see if it is polluted.

When the so-called test reveals the water is polluted, householders are offered free water filters under the fake rebate scheme, then charged up to $3000 as a 10-year “maintenance” fee.

Mr Robinson said there was no government water filter rebate scheme and urged all Victorian households to immediately close the door on anyone claiming to represent such a scheme.

“The Brumby Labor Government is standing up for Victorian households by making sure they know about the latest scams and frauds so they can protect their finances and avoid being ripped off,” he said.

“These doorknockers are lying to Victorians, telling them it’s unhealthy to drink regular tap water to scare them into taking up a fake Government rebate scheme and then conning them out of thousands of dollars,” Mr Robinson said.

“Victorians need to know there is no government rebate scheme for water filters.  Do not deal with anyone claiming to represent this scheme and do not give them any money.”

Mr Robinson asked any households approached by these doorknockers should refuse the offer to have their water tested and immediately report the incident to Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) by calling 1300 55 81 81.

“CAV needs your help to find and prosecute dodgy doorknockers so we can put them out of business,” Mr Robinson said.

“If approached about this water filter scam, take down as much information as you can, such as the doorknockers’ name, their vehicle registration and any another identifying features.

“Remember – by refusing to deal with dodgy doorknockers, we can ultimately stop them because in the end there will be no market for their fraudulent offers and scams

For more information about protecting yourself against dodgy doorknockers and con artists, visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website at www.consumer.vic.gov.au

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