Posted on 01. Jun, 2010 in News

Victorians can now compare their electricity use with other similar households, with the introduction of a new tool to assist householders cut their energy use and save money.

Energy and Resources Minister Peter Batchelor said just as the Brumby Labor Government’s Target 155 water consumption campaign had encouraged Victorians to use less water, a new website and information on electricity bills would help people monitor and cut their energy use.

“We want to help Victorians cut their greenhouse gas emissions and save money on their power bills by using less energy,” Mr Batchelor said.

“Consumers can now access a new online calculator, which makes it possible to compare their electricity consumption against other Victorian households of a similar size with similar appliances.

“By entering information about their household and appliances into this calculator Victorians will see if their electricity usage is above or below an average household like yours. 

“The calculator also gives a range of energy saving tips to become more energy efficient. It will help motivate households to reduce their individual carbon footprint and save money.

“On electricity bills from June 1, retailers will also begin to show households how their average daily electricity consumption compares to the average daily consumption of similar Victorian households.“

Mr Batchelor encouraged all retailers to publish information on their bills to help consumers control their electricity use.

“It’s important everyone takes simple steps to cut their energy use and greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

“Most of us have more electronic items in our house than ever before, which can lead to higher energy use and higher bills.

“Simple actions such as turning off appliances when not in use or retiring old inefficient appliances such as a second fridge can save money.

“Many Victorians have upgraded to more energy-efficient products and services, including lighting, heating, hot water systems and double-glazing windows, through the Brumby Government’s Energy Saver Incentive.

“Since the Energy Saver Incentive began in January last year, more than 470,000 households have taken part. So far, the scheme has generated certificates equal to saving more than 4.7 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions – or about 94 million black balloons.”

To use the DPI energy calculator visit

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