Posted on 19. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

Victoria has been rated the top government in Australia for cutting red tape and helping to create jobs in a report released by the Business Council of Australia (BCA) today.

Victoria not only achieved the top ranking overall but also ranked first for “Sound Regulation Making Principles” and “Accountability” and received an equal first ranking on “Transparency” and “Review”.

Treasurer John Lenders said Victoria was one of the world’s leaders in cutting red tape with the Brumby Labor Government’s Reducing the Regulatory Burden initiative, now into its fifth year, currently delivering more than $401 million worth of red tape cuts per year.

“The Brumby Labor Government’s strong leadership is keeping our economy heading in the right direction and Victoria is generating more jobs than any other state,” Mr Lenders said.

“Along with Denmark and the Netherlands Victoria is one of the world’s leaders in cutting red tape. This is one of the ways we have kept the worst of the Global Financial Crisis from crossing the Victorian border.”

In its findings released today the BCA reported that:

Victoria was already a relatively good performer and therefore while the improvements may not have changed the score, recognition of the sound system for regulation-making (in particular in the checks and balances imposed on regulation making) as well as the continual improvement process remain very important.

“While we are happy to be recognised as the nation’s leader in red tape reform we know there is more we can do to help to create jobs,” Mr Lenders said.

“And we have boosted our targets for cutting red tape with our target to reduce the burden by $500 million per annum by July 2012.

“The Labor party is the only party with a plan to create more competitive business environment by cutting taxes, bringing the rate of payroll tax to the lowest level in 36 years.  We have cut taxes by $5.7 billion since we were elected.”

Examples of initiatives that are reducing red tape right now include:

  • reforms to food regulation reducing regulatory burden by $20 million per year;
  • a range of projects in the building and construction industry saving approximately $40 million per year;
  • streamlining Dairy Food Safety Victoria’s food safety audits saving nearly $560,000 per year; and
  • simplifying procedures for legal practitioners saving more than $14 million each year in administrative burden.

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