Posted on 08. Jul, 2010 in Victoria

Victoria has again proved itself to be the economic engine room of the nation, creating 115,800 jobs during the 2009-10 financial year according to new figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Treasurer John Lenders said the results were the best of any state and a vindication of the Brumby Labor Government’s pledge to create 35,000 jobs during the financial year to fight the impact of the Global Financial Crisis – a pledge mocked and derided by the Baillieu Opposition.

“Victoria is the job creating capital of Australia with a growing economy and strong finances,” Mr Lenders said.

“When the Global Financial Crisis hit Victoria we said we would work hard to create 35,000 jobs.  Today the ABS reports that we have exceeded this target three times over, creating 115,800 jobs last financial year.”

Mr Lenders said the latest round of positive results were another embarrassment to the Baillieu opposition who had attacked the Victorian economy and its ability to create jobs at a time of international economic crisis.

“Ted Baillieu has never had to work hard for anything in his life and he won’t fight for Victorian jobs,” Mr Lenders said.

“Ted Baillieu opposed our jobs and stimulus plan, and said we couldn’t create 35,000 jobs this financial year.”


“To make matters worse we find in the budget papers that the Premier and Treasurer remain silent on the r-word. Everyone else is in recession but apparently not Victoria. The economic indicators contained in the budget are optimistic in the extreme and are predicated on Victoria not entering recession and benefiting from a fast recovery.” – Kim Wells Opposition Spokesperson 7 May 2009


“But the government will be held accountable by Victorians for how it handles the difficult economic and financial times ahead and what it does to save and create Victorian jobs.” – Kim Wells Opposition Spokesperson 7 May 2009

“I am happy to stand accountable for the 115,800 Victorian jobs created last financial year, which is 25,400 more than any other state,” Mr Lenders said.

“When the Global Financial Crisis hit and we predicted unemployment to reach 7.75 per cent Ted Baillieu and Kim Wells said our forecasts were ‘optimistic in the extreme’.”

Mr Lenders said now that Victoria’s unemployment rate was down to 5.4 per cent the Opposition had changed its tune saying that the rate should be even lower but has refused to release any plans to create any Victorian jobs.

Mr Lenders released his top five actions the Brumby Labor Government did to prevent a recession last financial year:

  1. Invest a record amount in job-creating infrastructure to create 35,000 jobs;
  2. Retarget the Brumby Labor Government’s first home bonus to provide better incentives for those building new houses, creating 19,000 jobs according to the HIA;
  3. Keep the budget in surplus, with Victoria having the strongest finances in the nation;
  4. Maintain the Brumby Labor Government’s AAA credit rating; and
  5. Embark on an economic confidence campaign including the we’re not waiting, we’re building TV advertisements and delivering on the government’s plans.


Mr Lenders said the international economic environment was still very uncertain and stressed that the Brumby Labor Government would continue with its plan to create and secure 30,000 Victorian jobs this financial year.

Economy Unemployment rate (%)
Victoria 5.4%
Indonesia 7.4%
UK 7.9%
Canada 8.1%
China 9.6%
USA 9.7%
India 10.7%
Greece 11.6%
Spain 19.7%

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