Posted on 09. Aug, 2010 in Clayton Update

Schools in the Clayton electorate are now connected to the Ultranet – the Victorian Government’s new online portal for government schools that will take government students, parents and teachers into the learning environment of the future.

“Education is the Brumby Government’s number one priority and our government schools are equipped with the best modern technology available” Clayton MP Hong Lim said.

Hong Lim said the Ultranet is a protected online environment that can only be accessed by teachers, students and parents – providing a new learning space and more opportunities for information sharing.

“The Ultranet is being introduced to all Victorian government schools in two phases with the first phase connecting teachers and students across the state in an online learning partnership.”

“The Brumby Government’s investment in the Ultranet will provide this current generation of tech-savvy students with 21st Century skills for 21st Century jobs”, Hong Lim said.

“Teachers are learning to use the Ultranet and are beginning to introduce it into the classroom.

“Students and teachers will be able to work together via the Ultranet using online communication tools such as wikis, blogs and discussion forums.

“Students will be able to create their own online learning portfolio and take part in online learning activities.”

Hong Lim said that by the end of September, parents will be able to login and instantly access important information about their child’s education.

“Parents will have online access to their child’s academic progress, teacher feedback, learning tasks and attendance records, Hong Lim said.

“The Ultranet will help parents become more engaged in their child’s education just by logging on and checking out what they have been learning at school.

“Parents will also be able to participate in online community spaces at their school.”

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