Posted on 11. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

Ted Baillieu needs to explain to Victorian voters how he will deliver his latest health promise when he won’t even back up his commitments by having them costed, Health Minister Daniel Andrews said.

“Ted Baillieu is too weak and lazy to do the policy work, and is treating Victorians with contempt by making headline-grabbing announcements with little-to-no detail behind them,” Mr Andrews said.

“Why won’t Mr Baillieu submit his latest announcement to the independent Victorian Treasury for verification?

“What does he fear from submitting them to Treasury – an $11 billion blackhole like the one found in Tony Abbott’s election promises?

“He won’t even say how many nurses or doctors he will employ, or how many patients will be treated under these so-called plans.

“Is it because he has spent less time slapping together a half-hearted health policy than he did on his debate preparation?

“Less than three weeks out, these are questions Mr Baillieu needs to answer.”

Mr Andrews said Mr Baillieu had also admitted he had no plan for the future, providing more evidence that he lacked any real vision.

“Mr Baillieu wants Victorians to vote for him, yet he says he won’t develop a vision for the future until he has been elected,” he said.

“Mr Baillieu will never deliver a plan or these beds.

“This is in contrast to Labor’s record in health. We have provided $7.5 billion in health capital works across Victoria, boosted ongoing funding to our hospitals by 153 per cent, and employed almost 11,000 extra nurses.

“We know there’s more to do and that’s why a future Brumby Labor Government will invest a further $1.5 billion to ensure hundreds of thousands more Victorians can receive the treatment they need, and to ease pressure in our emergency departments.”

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