Posted on 19. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

Ted Baillieu has let the cat out of the bag and revealed that he has misled Victorians just eight days out from the election backflipping on his PSO policy, Public Transport Minister Martin Pakula said today.

Mr Pakula said Mr Baillieu and his party have been running around the state telling Victorians that they will have two protective service officers on every metropolitan train station and major regional train stations.

“Mr Baillieu knew all along the deployment of these officers was a matter for the Chief Commissioner,” Mr Pakula said.

“Today, just eight days from the election Mr Baillieu has backflipped on his policy now saying the deployment of these officers will be a matter for the Chief Commissioner.

“How can Victorian commuters trust Mr Baillieu when he says one thing and then does another?

“Now Mr Baillieu can’t say where officers will be deployed or at what stations and at what times?

“Mr Baillieu is a weak leader who can not be trusted to deliver any transport projects for Victorians.

“There are still serious questions about how this promise will even be funded with the two Coalition Leaders contradicting each other.  Mr Baillieu says it will be funded from Government Advertising and Mr Ryan says it will be funded from the transport budget.

“Will Mr Baillieu now come clean and admit that he won’t fund his proposed rail links to Melbourne and Avalon Airports.

“Will he tell the people of Doncaster and Rowville that his proposed rail studies are nothing but a hoax.

“Only Labor has a fully costed and fully funded plan to boost improve security across the system.

“We will be returning staff to every station on the electrified metropolitan rail network and we are delivering a central CCTV control room that will make our trains safer for commuters – we will fund 100 additional Transit Police for a total of 350 across the network.

“Mr Baillieu is refusing to submit any of his transport policy announcements to the independent Victorian Treasury and his dangerously undercosted transport pledges will leave a massive black hole in the State’s budget.”

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