Posted on 31. Aug, 2010 in News

Ted Baillieu is today under pressure to come clean after admitting he will not reveal how many billions of taxpayer dollars his promises to acquire Victorian homes in bushfire affected areas and to put powerlines underground will cost until after November’s state election.

Treasurer John Lenders said Mr Baillieu was trying to deceive the Victorian public by refusing to say how much of their money would go into buying back properties in bushfire areas.

“Ted Baillieu has never had to budget before in his life and that’s why he is afraid to reveal his costings before the state election,” Mr Lenders said.

“Last week we released a $867.3 million package to implement in full or in part 66 of the 67 recommendations from the Bushfire Royal Commission.  Our policies are fully costed and fully funded.

“While Mr Baillieu has pledged to spend more money to put powerlines underground and to buy the homes of Victorians in bushfire prone areas – he has admitted he will hide his figures until after the election.”

Speaking on ABC radio on Friday Mr Baillieu let the cat out of the bag by admitting he couldn’t tell the public how much taxpayers money would be spent on his own policies to buy back homes and put powerlines underground:

LINDY BURNS: How much do you think it would cost for both of those to be implemented in full?


TED BAILLIEU: Well I don’t think you can make that determination.


In an even more revealing blunder Mr Baillieu admitted on ABC Goulburn Murray yesterday that he was not going to release any complete costing on his bushfire policies until after the election, leaving billions of dollars of uncosted promises in a Baillieu budget black hole.

JOSEPH THOMSEN: On the voluntary property buyback you are committing to that one – the government’s not – have you costed it?


TED BAILLIEU: I, I, I, it’s, it’s not something you can cost in the short term, certainly not from Opposition.


“This means that Victorians will have to wait until next year before knowing how much money Ted Baillieu will throw at buying people’s homes in bushfire affected areas,” Mr Lenders said.


“Just like Tony Abbott, Mr Baillieu is trying to hide his costings from public scrutiny because he has billions of dollars of uncosted election promises that have punched a politically damaging black hole in his credibility.”

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