Posted on 10. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

Building stronger communities is at the centre of a future Brumby Labor Government’s $8 million investment in Victoria’s Neighbourhood Houses and the network of people they support.

Addressing the Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres today, the Minister for Local Government, Richard Wynne, said a future Brumby Labor Government would invest a further $8 million in Victoria’s more than 370 Neighbourhood Houses.

“The Brumby Labor Government firmly believes that it is not enough to be the best State in Australia, we must also be the fairest,” Mr Wynne said.

“Central to our aim is to make available more grassroots education, training, recreation and social opportunities for more Victorians.

“That’s why a future Brumby Labor Government will invest a further $8 million to help modernise Neighbourhood Houses and help make them more accessible.

“Under a future Brumby Labor Government, Neighbourhood Houses will be able to apply for grants to co-locate, redevelop and refurbish their facilities and also update computer systems.”

Mr Wynne said Neighbourhood Houses were the foundation on which strong communities were built.

“At a Neighbourhood House, people of all ages and abilities can come together to make new friends, get involved in volunteering, participate in community events and learn new skills,” he said.

“Our funding will make sure all of the current services and activities are maintained in a building that can better cater for the changing needs of the community.

“In the last round of grants, the Brumby Labor Government invested in better computers and faster internet access to help people access the opportunities that these networks provide.

“We also invested in providing disabled access for Neighbourhood Houses that needed it, so that more people could access the facilities and programs they offer.

“Labor believes in the crucial role Neighbourhood Houses play in providing grassroots opportunities and building stronger communities.

“That’s why, since 1999, Labor has tripled funding to Neighbourhood Houses and we have provided $20.8 million in recurrent funding for this financial year.”

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