Posted on 10. May, 2010 in Victoria

Education Minister Bronwyn Pike today flicked the switch on the Ultranet – a $60.5 million online portal that will revolutionise the way Victorian students, teachers and parents engage with education. 

Students and teachers at Ringwood Secondary College and Croydon Hills Primary School were the first in Victoria to log on to the Ultranet, which will be rolled out in all Government schools by the end of September.

Ms Pike said the first stage of a two part rollout would allow students and teachers to create personal learning portfolios and collaborate with peers across the state. 

“The first phase of the Ultranet will connect 550,000 students and teachers and allow them to access cutting edge digital resources and work with fellow students and colleagues across Victoria,” Ms Pike said.

“The Ultranet is a state-of-the-art Web 2.0 system that reflects the modern classroom by breaking down the traditional walls.

“The Brumby Labor Government agrees with parents that nothing is more important than their children’s education, and the Ultranet will give Victorian students a real head-start in life.”

Ms Pike said the second stage of the rollout would add additional features for teachers and students and allow parents to log on and keep track of their child’s progress at school.

“By the end of September, teachers will be able to use the Ultranet to create curriculum plans and monitor and assess student performance,” Ms Pike said.

“Parents will have online access to important information about their child’s education, including academic progress and attendance records.

“Parents will be able to view their child’s timetables, read teacher feedback and access important school announcements.

“Once the Ultranet is fully functional more than one million Victorian parents will have instant access to up-to-date information about their child’s progress in school. 

“The introduction of the Ultranet reflects that education is the Brumby Labor Government’s number one priority.

“This is an exciting day for education in Victoria and students, teachers and parents will enjoy the benefits as the Ultranet is progressively connected.”

The Ultranet is a protected online environment and can only be accessed by students, teachers and parents.

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