Posted on 01. Nov, 2010 in Greening Victoria

Planning Minister Justin Madden today released the independent assessment of the Environment Effects Statement (EES) and approved a planning scheme amendment to allow the Shaw River Power Station to proceed.

Mr Madden said an independent panel was appointed to assess the EES, review the written submissions made during the public exhibition and also undertake public hearings on the EES.

The Shaw River Power Station project comprises a 1500 megawatt gas-fired power station near Orford in Victoria’s south-west, together with a 100 km high-pressure gas pipeline from Port Campbell.  Stage one of the project is expected to inject $880 million into the local economy.

“The panel considered issues such as energy supply, flora and fauna, waterways management, cultural heritage and determined that the EES was an appropriate plan to manage any environmental impacts and residual risks.

“The proponents will however be required to conduct additional analysis and mitigation measures to ensure compliance with recommended noise limits, requirements for an off-site landscaping plan, monitoring and protection of the Southern Bent-Wing Bat as well as cultural heritage management.

“Subject to the completion of these additional measures, I have accepted the recommendations and amended the Moyne Planning Scheme to allow the project to proceed.”

Mr Madden said the project would be built in three stages, with the first stage to provide up to $880 million to the local economy. 

“The Shaw River Power Station will create up to 600 jobs during construction as well as 85 full-time ongoing jobs once the facility is completed,” Mr Madden said.

”The new power station will contribute to maintaining a secure, efficient and affordable energy supply in Victoria, while reducing the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions from the energy sector.

“The panel gave specific consideration to the cumulative impact of this project alongside other energy projects in the area and determined that the EES appropriately addressed the cumulative impacts of traffic, noise and air quality.

“We know that cumulative impact is an area of concern for the community and the government has introduced Ready for Tomorrow: A Blueprint for Regional and Rural Victoria and the Great South Coast Major Projects Cumulative Impacts Strategy to ensure cumulative impacts are given appropriate consideration going forward.”

Minister for Energy and Resources Peter Batchelor said gas projects such as this were important as we transition to the state to cleaner energy supplies.

“Increasing our gas supply options is great for the economy and great for the environment with gas producing far fewer emissions than coal fired energy generation.

“Our Government has made a commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent by 2020 and new gas projects, which can replace baseload coal-fired electricity, coupled with renewable energy projects will ensure we can meet that target.”

Mr Madden said the EES and the planning scheme amendment were put on public exhibition during March and April 2010 and submissions were heard by the panel.

“We have worked closely with Moyne Shire Council and listened to the local community, interest groups and the developer to ensure the best possible outcome,” Mr Madden said.

The Minister’s Assessment of the Shaw River Power Station and the Planning Scheme Amendment can be viewed online on the Department of Planning and Community Development website,

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