Posted on 15. Jun, 2010 in News

A record number of dangerous products have been seized from Victorian wholesale and retail outlets this financial year, Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson has announced.

Mr Robinson said that more than 28,000 unsafe products had been seized from more than 400 outlets across the state.

“This tops the 22,100-plus unsafe products seized in 2008/09 and the 10,000-plus products seized in 2007-08,” he said.

“The Brumby Labor Government is standing up for Victorian consumers by inspecting and seizing dangerous products that pose unacceptable risks to health and safety.

“We enforce very strict safety standards and ban orders to ensure products available for sale in Victoria are safe and fit for purpose, keeping Victorian families safe and ensuring they get value on their purchases.

“Product safety inspectors are constantly monitoring Victorian wholesalers and retailers to ensure products for sale meet these safety standards. These inspectors have broad-ranging powers to search and seize products that don’t comply with the law so we can keep people safe from harm.”

Mr Robinson said toys and products for children were among the products most often seized by inspectors, including:

  • Toys for children under three – more than 11,130
  • Imitation dummies – around 9,000
  • Novelty cigarette lighters that look like toys – more than 4,400
  • Toys that fire projectiles – more than 1,700
  • Toys containing high levels of lead – more than 1,000

“The Brumby Labor Government takes the wellbeing of Victorian kids very seriously and that’s why we enforce tough safety standards on toys and children’s goods,” Mr Robinson said.

“All of the toys seized over this financial year are unsafe.  Poorly designed and breakable toys can cut, choke or strangle children.  Dangerous toy guns that fire projectiles can blind and toxic levels of lead in painted toys can make kids very sick if ingested.

“Victoria was also the first state to ban the sale of toy cigarette lighters because of the clear risk they would be mistaken for toys and were a serious fire hazard.”

Wholesalers and retailers who supply banned products or products that do not comply with mandatory safety standards risk prosecution and fines of more than $70,000.

Goods seized by product safety inspectors will be destroyed. 

For more information about banned products and safety standard, call Consumer Affairs Victoria on or visit

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