Posted on 07. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, News

Today a news outlet reported that the independent Department of Treasury and Finance had compiled an analysis of the cost of election promises made by the Greens Political Party.

That analysis was compiled by the Office of the Treasurer to highlight the financial and economic costs presented by the Greens Political Party.

The Treasurer, John Lenders, said that for the independent Department of Treasury and Finance to cost the policies of the Greens Political Party and the Liberal-National Opposition, it would require the opposition parties to submit their policies directly to the Treasury.

“Our Government has made available the resources of the independent Victorian Treasury to cost Liberal-National Opposition and Greens Political Party election policies,” Mr Lenders said.

“So far, both the Baillieu Opposition and the Greens Political Party have refused to submit their policies for costing by the independent Victorian Treasury.”

Mr Lenders called on Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu and the Greens Political Party to submit their election policies to the independent Victorian Treasury for costing, saying that refusal to do so was exposing Victoria’s budget and economy to significant risk.

“Just like Tony Abbott, Mr Baillieu has refused to submit his policies to the independent Victorian Treasury for independent costing,” Mr Lenders said.

“Victorians well remember that Mr Abbott refused to have the independent Treasury cost his policies and it was later revealed that he had exposed the budget and the economy to a massive funding black hole.”

Mr Lenders said the Liberal-National Opposition was campaigning to hand the balance of power in the Victorian Parliament’s lower house to the Greens Political Party.

“Mr Baillieu’s uncosted election promises and the pie in the sky ideas from the Greens Political Party pose a massive economic and budget to risk to Victorians,” Mr Lenders said.

Mr Lenders said according to Labor’s estimates the Greens Political Party’s plan to retrofit one million homes would cost $2.57 billion, reintroducing tram conductors would cost $295 million, increasing library funding would cost $111 million and abolishing TAFE fees would cost $392 million.

“The Greens political party’s policies will be paid for by introducing a new death tax and by putting land tax onto the family home,” Mr Lenders said.

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