Posted on 10. Sep, 2010 in News

Ted Baillieu and his Opposition have again disgraced themselves by being the only Victorians who have not welcomed Toyota’s decision to invest $300 million to build a new engine plant and secure 3000 Victorian jobs.

Minister for Industry and Trade Jacinta Allan said the Opposition continually opposed investments from automotive companies and failed to demonstrate any support for local jobs.

“Ted Baillieu has never had to worry about a job in his life but I can tell him jobs are very important to Victorian families and our economy,” Ms Allan said.

“Instead of welcoming the investment and the 3000 jobs that it secures Mr Baillieu has gone straight out and attacked the deal.

“The Opposition clearly don’t care about keeping our manufacturing sector strong and keeping Toyota, Ford and Holden workers in their jobs.”

Instead of welcoming the level of Brumby Government investment support for Toyota’s expansion Ted Baillieu’s manufacturing spokesperson said:

“If the excuse of not giving out the figure is that it’s commercially confident the Federal Government doesn’t take that line so where’s the justification from the State Government.” – Ryan Smith, Herald Sun Online 10 September 2010

He also promised that the Opposition would publish how much government assistance was provided towards every investment made in Victoria, revealing to the other states what it would cost to plunder Victorian jobs.

“Mr Baillieu wants to return to the bad old days when states publicly fought to poach jobs from each other instead of focussing on bringing new investments into Australia as we are doing,” Mr Allan said.

“We will not be changing our investment support policies and risk sending these jobs to NSW or South Australia.

“If Mr Baillieu wants to help other states seize our jobs it will also hurt the thousands of automotive component manufacturers around the state who depend on these investments for their jobs.

“Mr Baillieu is set to be the biggest Victoria job-killer since the Global Financial Crisis.”

Today’s development follows an extraordinary attack on Toyota’s investments in July when the Baillieu Opposition called the Hybrid Camry project a ‘failure’ which forced the State Treasurer to write to the company to assure it would not withdraw support for the project.

“We are proud that we have a strong working relationship with Victoria’s automotive manufacturers and that we are working together to protect Victorian jobs,” Ms Allan said.

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