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Posted on 12. Apr, 2010 in Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I write in response to Gordon Rich-Phillips’ letter ‘A right to walk in the streets’ (9 February). As the local member for Clayton, I am committed to working with Victoria Police to further drive down our crime rate, and I am proud to be a member of the Brumby Labor Government which has this year provided our police with a record $1.9 billion budget to keep our state safe.

Unlike what Mr Rich-Phillips alleges, Clayton is safe. From 2000/01 to 2008-09, crime in Monash has reduced by 29.2 per cent. This has been led by a 35.1 per cent reduction in robberies, as well as an 18.5 per cent reduction in aggravated burglaries and a 28.5 per cent reduction in thefts from motor vehicles.

Local police must be commended on the work they’ve done in Monash to drive down these crimes – and local Clayton residents should feel safer as a result.

It’s therefore disappointing to see Mr Rich-Phillips conveniently forgetting that he’s a member of the Liberal Party, which, when in government, promised 1000 additional police, yet turned around and cut 800.

Only Labor can be trusted on delivering police the resources they need – over 1400 new police have been added to our streets since 1999, with an additional 470 being delivered during this term in government.

Kind regards

Hong Lim MP

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