Posted on 24. Sep, 2010 in Victoria

Minister for Women’s Affairs Maxine Morand today reminded Victorians that they only have until 13 October to nominate women for the 2011 Victorian Honour Roll of Women.

“Our Honour Roll is the perfect opportunity to publicly recognise the contribution and achievements of remarkable women from all sections of the Victorian community,” Ms Morand said.

“Women who live and work in Victoria, or who have lived and worked in this state, can be nominated for their contributions in a diverse range of fields – from education, social justice and science, to medicine, human rights, media, literature and arts, sport and recreation, as well as involvement in ethnic and Indigenous communities.

“This year triple Olympian fencer Helen Smith, Australia’s first Nobel Prize winner Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, and Aboriginal rights champions Eleanor Bourke and ‘Aunty’ Maria Starcevic were among 20 inspirational women inducted to the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.”

Ms Morand said the Victorian Honour Roll paid tribute to remarkable women from metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria, who have demonstrated vision, leadership, commitment and hard work to succeed in their chosen field and have a lasting impact on their community.

“Whether they have worked behind the scenes in support of local communities or on the international stage, each of these women has had a positive impact on women and the broader community,” she said.

“If you know a woman who has made a difference in your community, this is a great opportunity to ensure she is recognised.”

Ms Morand said 458 women had been inducted to the Victorian Honour Roll of Women since its inception in 2001, as part of the Women Shaping the Nation Centenary of Federation celebrations.

2011 Victorian Honour Roll inductees will be announced as part of International Women’s Day celebrations in March.

To read the inspirational stories of Victorian Honour Roll of Women inductees and for 2011 nomination forms visit

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