Posted on 06. Sep, 2010 in News

A new interactive website will provide a one-stop-shop for victims of crime seeking information about the criminal justice process and services available to them, Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Rob Hulls said today.

Mr Hulls said the website had been tested by victims of crime and provided simple, easy-to-access information about police and court processes, compensation, victim services and sources of help.

“Victims of crime not only can suffer immediate physical and monetary damage, but are often left with ongoing trauma, increased fear and a sense of vulnerability in their lives,” Mr Hulls said.

“Support for victims through the interactive website is important because it can assist in recovery, it recognises the traumatic effects of crime and it can provide a tailored navigation tool through the justice system.”

Mr Hulls said the website had information about the locations of victim assistance services and provided an opportunity for victims to contact the Victims of Crime Helpline by phone or email.  An SMS service is also being developed so victims can arrange for someone to contact them at a convenient time.

Mr Hulls said the website would provide tailored information for culturally diverse communities and victims of crime with a disability. 

“This is about using appropriate online resources to improve accessibility for a wide range of community members while still providing the traditional, face to face services which will always be an integral part of what victim support agencies do,” he said.

Mr Hulls said victim support agencies, police and victims of crime helped inform and develop the website.   

“What they told us highlighted the complexity of the criminal justice system from a victim’s point of view and confirmed the need for clear, concise and easy to access information which this website now provides,” he said.

Mr Hulls said the Brumby Labor Government was committed to strengthening the justice system’s focus on victims.

“We have introduced a range of initiatives to improve the response of the justice system to victims of crime, including a Victims’ Charter, a 30 per cent increase in maximum payments of pain and suffering compensation and improvements to sexual assault law and procedures,” he said.

The website is

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