Posted on 01. Jul, 2010 in News

The significant jump in women appointed to private sector boards in 2010 is a great result and shows progress is being made to increase the number of females appointed to top jobs, Minister for Women’s Affairs Maxine Morand said today.

Figures released by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) show that between January and June 2010, 24 per cent of all ASX 200 board appointees have been women, compared to five per cent in 2009.

“It had been an exciting week for women with these figures coming on the back of the historic appointment of our first female Prime Minister,” Ms Morand said.

“These new figures are good news not just for women but for corporate Australia and a clear demonstration that the private sector is recognising the real value of women in leadership and their contribution to business.”

However, Ms Morand said there was still a long way to go, with the new women appointees taking the overall number of women on ASX boards to 9.2 per cent.

“There are many talented and intelligent women who are more than capable of taking on top positions in the business sector, so I hope to see this figure continue to increase,” she said.

Ms Morand said the Brumby Labor Government had shown that with a targeted approach, change could occur.

“Our Government is steadily working towards its target of 50 per cent women as new appointments to government boards and committees after exceeding our original target of 40 per cent,” she said.

“I’d also encourage the business sector to make use of the Brumby Labor Government’s updated Victorian Women’s Register, an online database of more than 2000 women interested in board membership.

“A major upgrade has seen a new web portal and search function added, providing quick and easy access to a rich talent pool of women for private, community and government sector organisations seeking to make board appointments.”

The Women’s Register can be found at:

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