Posted on 10. Sep, 2010 in News

An eye-catching new EPA advertising campaign is encouraging people to report car litterers, Roads and Ports Minister Tim Pallas announced today.

Mr Pallas today launched the EPA’s new Witnessed a drive-by? campaign and said it showed what a significant problem littering from vehicles was by depicting litter in a police crime scene.

“This is a bold new advertising campaign that shows what might just be a cigarette flicked out of a car window to a litterer, is a crime scene to EPA Victoria,” Mr Pallas said.

“The EPA’s campaign portrays litter thrown from a vehicle as a criminal act and with littering an ongoing problem in our community, it is something all Victorians should not only be concerned about, but act to stamp out.

“People who think they can throw litter out of their car window and get away with it are wrong. Be warned, if an offence is reported to EPA, they will take action.”

The EPA’s unique litter reporting program allows members of the public who ‘witness a drive by’ littering offence to report the incident. The EPA then investigates and issues a fine to the registered owner of the vehicle.

The report must provide vehicle registration information such as make and model, the location and time of incident, the type of litter thrown, as well as if the offence was committed by the driver or a passenger.

Mr Pallas said the advertising campaign, to be rolled out from 12 September, would include outdoor advertising that highlighted the most common forms of litter thrown from a vehicle – cigarette butts and drink containers.

The items are captured in a crime scene setting under the bold headline ‘Witnessed a drive-by?’. A radio advertisement, also set in a crime scene environment, will run throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

“This campaign is about conveying to the Victorian community the seriousness of throwing litter from a vehicle and the way to report these offenders – which will ultimately lead to people being fined for their actions,” Mr Pallas said.

“It is important for Victorians to play their part and keep our state beautiful. The Brumby Labor Government is committed to helping our communities create a clean and sustainable environment that will benefit all Victorians into the future.”

Anyone who ‘witnesses a drive by’ littering offence should record the details and then visit to make a report.

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