Posted on 29. Sep, 2010 in Clayton Update

Acting Premier Rob Hulls and Police Minister Bob Cameron today paid tribute to all Victoria Police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty during a ceremony to mark National Police Remembrance Day.

Mr Hulls said since 1853, 151 Victoria Police officers had died in the line of duty, making the ultimate sacrifice while working to make Victoria a safer place.

“We will never forget the men and women who gave up their lives to protect the community and our way of life,” Mr Hulls said. “Nor will we forget the families, friends and loved ones they left behind.

“National Police Remembrance Day is an important time for all Victorians to reflect on the sacrifices made by those who had fallen in the line of duty and to celebrate their lives and achievements.

“The commitment of the men and women in the Victoria Police force is unquestioned and their contribution to the state is vital in maintaining our high quality of life.”

Mr Cameron said National Police Remembrance Day – known as Blue Ribbon Day – was also a time for the community to praise the police force members who continue to serve, displaying bravery in the face of difficult circumstances.

“Victoria Police members perform an important role protecting our state from violence and reducing crime. It is, at times, a challenging duty and clearly has its dangers,” Mr Cameron said.

“For those reasons and more, it is appropriate for everyone to pause and reflect on the selfless and brave role police members play in safeguarding our state.

“Fortunately, no police have lost their lives in the line of duty since we last gathered 12 months ago to commemorate the supreme sacrifice so many have made. 

“Unfortunately, nine members have passed away through other circumstances such as ill health and today we remember those brave members too.”

This year marks 22 years since the Walsh Street murders of Constables Steven Tynan and Damian Eyre and 12 years since the murders of Sergeant Gary Silk and Senior Constable Rod Miller in Moorabbin.

The Tynan and Eyre Memorial Foundation was established in 1988 in remembrance of the slain constables. In 1998, the Foundation joined other committees working to honour the memory of fallen members and helped form the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

“The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation is a wonderful volunteer-based organisation offering support to worthwhile community projects in our state,” Mr Cameron said.

“Its volunteers work tirelessly to strengthen bonds between the community and the Victoria Police to honour the memory of police officers who sacrificed their lives.”

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