Posted on 10. Jun, 2010 in Victoria

Over 113,000 Victorian jobs have been created over the past 12 months – the best of any State and the best Victorian result for 20 years – according to an ABS report released today, demonstrating that Victoria continues to be the economic engine room of the nation.

Victoria also recorded an increase of 80,200 full-time jobs over the past 12 months – more than any other state and full-time jobs grew at twice the rate in Victoria compared to the national average.

Vic NSW Qld SA WA Tas
Employment change persons over past month 12,748 -4,296 16,003 6,351 12,433 -256
over past year 113,870 54,333 65,634 7,077 20,681 2,730

Treasurer, John Lenders, said the positive jobs growth and economic growth was yet another endorsement of the economic stimulus provided by the Brumby and Rudd Labor governments and yet another embarrassing day for Ted Baillieu and Kim Wells.

“Australia is now leading the worldwide recovery from the Global Financial Crisis and thanks to our strong economic management Victoria is leading Australia,” Mr Lenders said.

“Ted Baillieu and Kim Wells should apologise for trying to talk down the Victorian economy and putting Victorian jobs at risk.”

“I am not sure where John Lenders is getting his facts, where it appears the rest of the world is in recession, except for Victoria. His comments don’t make any sense….one would say a recession is inevitable,” – Kim Wells, Liberal Party Spokesperson, 24 April 2009

“It is highly possible that Victoria could be looking at negative growth of over 1 per cent next financial year, or a turnaround of minus 1.5 per cent.” – Kim Wells, Liberal Party Spokesperson, 9 June 2009

“Given the Opposition’s failed campaign against the Victorian economy people could well ask themselves; what would have happened if Ted Baillieu and Kim Wells were in charge when the Global Financial Crisis hit?” Mr Lenders said.

“Unlike political leaders around the world who focussed on saving jobs, Ted Baillieu and Kim Wells ran around like Henny Penny falsely predicting a recession – but then offered absolutely no solutions to create any Victorian jobs anywhere in the state.

“Real leaders don’t trash a state economy when global uncertainty hits – they act to protect jobs and protect them quickly.  That’s what we did with our record $11.5 billion investment in job-creating infrastructure and it is what Kevin Rudd did with his nation-building economic stimulus plan.”

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