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Bushfire shelter systems, evaporation reduction systems for water storages, low carbon emission concrete and a new solar technology development facility are among the recipients of Brumby Labor Government funding for sustainable science initiatives.

Innovation Minister Gavin Jennings said the recipients of the Victoria’s Science Agenda Investment Fund (VSA IF) sustainability grants would lead to growth in Victoria’s innovative green sector and create jobs for Victorian families.

“The Brumby Labor Government is taking action through Victoria’s Science Agenda Investment Fund grants to support innovative and sustainable initiatives that create jobs for Victorians,” Mr Jennings said.

“Seven projects will be funded under the VSA IF sustainability grants and the projects receiving funding will have large scale economic and social benefits for the Victorian community.”

Mr Jennings said the bushfire shelter project would work with industry and the research community to explore protective solutions such as bushfire shelters, shielding and heat resistant materials.

“Victorian communities have been pushing for real solutions to the dangers that bushfires present to people living in fire-prone areas,” he said.

“This project is a direct response to requests from industry, the community and the Building Commission to develop a range of viable bushfire protective measures, using modern materials, design and manufacturing methods.

“Initial research and development should lead to highly protective solutions, with the potential to prevent or reduce the impacts of bushfires.” 

Projects receiving VSA IF sustainability grants are:

  • Victorian Centre for Advanced Materials Manufacturing (VCAMM) Limited – bushfire shelter project ($400,000);
  • Polymers CRC Pty Ltd – environment friendly systems for suppressing evaporation in water storages ($1.5 million);
  • Swinburne University – Victoria-Suntech Advanced Solar Facility for nanoplasmonic solar technology ($3 million);
  • Monash University – Harvesting water in cities as water supply catchments ($3 million)
  • Halcrow Pacific Pty Ltd – Development of low carbon emission fibre reinforced geopolymer concrete ($300,000);
  • Melbourne University – Victorian Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management for pollution detection and monitoring of inland waters ($2.98 million);and
  • RMAX – Biodegradable replacement for expanded polystyrene foam products ($800,000)

The Victorian Government is investing $145 million over four years in Victoria’s Science Agenda as part of its commitment to supporting and encouraging innovation. For more information see

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