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Innovation Minister Gavin Jennings today announced $25.7 million from the Brumby Labor Government for 13 major Victorian research institutes to help meet the indirect costs of their life-saving research.   

Monash Institute of Medical Research in the Clayton electorate has been awarded $1.38 million.

Mr Jennings was at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research at the Austin Hospital to launch a clinical trial for a potential new treatment for kidney cancer, and said the funding helped medical institutes direct their funding to where it counted the most – medical research.

“Victoria’s medical research institutes conduct world-leading research that often leads to medicines or treatments that improve the quality of life or the life expectancy of people all around the world,” Mr Jennings said.

“That’s why the Brumby Labor Government, through our $25.7 million Operational Infrastructure Support (OIS) program, provides funding to our institutes for the indirect costs of conducting their research so they can make the most of every research dollar they have.

“By investing over $226 million over the past 10 years in the daily operations of our medical research institutes through the OIS, the Government has helped position Victoria as a world-leading centre for health and life sciences research.

“Victoria is now internationally recognised for its research expertise in areas like stem cells, diabetes, cervical cancer, infectious diseases and reproductive medicine.”

Mr Jennings said the clinical trial conducted by the Ludwig Institute used an antibody developed through the institute’s own research to treat patients with kidney cancer, in conjunction with specialised Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging techniques to observe shrinkage and other changes within the tumour.

He said the OIS funding program assisted Victorian research institutes in meeting the indirect costs of life-saving medical research and included costs such as managing business development activities, licence deals, intellectual property and regulatory compliance.

“The OIS support enables our medical research institutes to build on their successes, recruit world-class talent, attract more projects and income to conduct research, and translate that research into improving the quality of life for many people,” Mr Jennings said.

“Since 2000 the Victorian Government has invested almost $4 billion in science technology and innovation, creating greater economic opportunities, high-value jobs for Victorians and revolutionary advances in areas such as health and the environment.”

Institutes receiving OIS program grants for 20010/11 are:

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute                        $   2,974,932

Bionic Ear Institute                                                      $      367,724

Burnet Institute                                                            $   4,373,868

Centre for Eye Research Australia                             $      858,008

Florey Neuroscience Institutes                                   $   2,063,128

Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research                        $   1,426,664

Mental Health Research Institute                                $      610,268

Monash Institute of Medical Research                        $   1,389,788

Murdoch Childrens Research Institute                       $   2,948,792

O’Brien Institute                                                          $      261,636

Prince Henry’s Institute                                               $   1,142,888

St Vincent’s Institute                                                   $   1,616,752

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute                                     $   5,665,552

Total                                                                           $ 25,700,000

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