Posted on 20. Nov, 2010 in Election Media Release, Victoria

Victoria’s life saving clubs will benefit from the biggest building program in the State’s history, and Victoria’s State Emergency Service will receive new trucks, boats and other rescue equipment under a future Brumby Labor Government.

Labor will provide VICSES with $13.1 million for new rescue equipment, with Life Saving Victoria to receive $9.2 million, including a new grants program to rebuild or upgrade lifesaving clubs.

Premier John Brumby visited the Carrum Surf Life Saving Club today with Emergency Services Minister Bob Cameron and Member for Carrum Jenny Lindell to meet with volunteers and announce a $1.2 million rebuild of the club.

Mr Brumby said the State’s emergency services volunteer agencies are also well placed take part in Labor’s Education for Life: The Year 9 Experience to teach young Victorians the life skills they need for the future.

“If a young person is a member of Life Saving Victoria, or if a young person is a member of the junior CFA brigade or other volunteering organisations, they’ll be able to attribute those hours to the volunteering component of The Year 9 Experience,” he said.

“Life Saving Victoria and Victoria’s State Emergency Service, which are made up of so many dedicated volunteers, provide an invaluable contribution to life in Victoria.

“Involvement in these organisations helps instil strong values, such as respect in leadership, as well as providing people with greater life skills.

“We are determined to change the way we teach our young people, to equip them for the challenges of the future, and organisations such as Life Saving Victoria and VICSES are well placed to contribute to that.”

Mr Brumby said Labor was continuing to invest in providing improved facilities for Life Saving Victoria clubhouses.

“Labor understands the need to continue supporting our lifesavers with the facilities they need to recruit and train new members and form stronger ties with their communities, which is why we will deliver these important resources if re-elected,” he said.

“Our $8 million, four-year program will deliver new and refurbished lifesaving club facilities across Victoria and help attract new volunteers.”

“Labor will also provide $1.2 million to extend our program of providing $5000 grants to every life saving club every year to help with daily operations.”

Emergency Services Minister Bob Cameron said this funding, together with previous government funding allocations, would deliver an additional 41 rescue trucks, 53 rescue boats, 59 storm trailers, seven lighting trailers, 48 road rescue kits and 192 computers for Volunteer Units.

“As we’ve seen through floods, hailstorms, fires and in other times of need, our resilient VICSES volunteers and workers are there for Victorians when we need them most, and we are there for VICSES, giving them what they need to continue their fantastic work,” he said.

Mr Cameron said in addition to already committing $11.3 million for new VICSES equipment, the Labor Government was also committing another $13.1 million if re-elected.
“The Brumby Labor Government has also previously announced it will double funding of the highly successful Community Safety Emergency Support Program (CSESP) to see $54.4 million go to emergency organisations over the next four years.”

Ms Lindell said more than 10,000 lives had been saved through rescues on Victorian beaches over the past 12 years of ‘Play it Safe by the Water’, so ongoing support of Victoria’s lifesaving clubs was crucial.

“We have announced upgraded facilities for Mordialloc, Mentone and, now, here at Carrum, which will give these life saving clubs a greater presence and enable them to share their facilities with other local groups, further strengthening community ties,” Ms Lindell said.

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